New Services: Pet Healing and Space Clearing

I’m excited to announce that I’ll now be offering remote pet healing and space clearing.

Pet Healing:

If you notice that your pet seems off, or if you’ve already been through rounds of Vet treatments and still, your pet isn’t recovering, this may be a good option for you. Sometimes diseases are caused by energetic or emotional imbalances, just like in humans. Remotely, I tap into your pets energy and see what’s going on beneath the surface and shift the energetic blocks to bring your pet back to optimal health. Sometimes I also pick up on information regarding the cause, or even about how to improve his/her relationship with you, and will communicate this to you.

Space Clearing:

If you’ve noticed negative or toxic energy in your home, office or establishment, I can help you clear it and shift the energy so that it’s a positive one. Space energy can affect us on so many levels. It can cause us to absorb negative energy, it can make us unproductive, it can even deter people from entering our establishment because on an unconscious level they can sense it. Having a clear space can facilitate a higher level of productivity and success. The thing about energy in our spaces is, sometimes the energy from our neighbors can seep through our walls. Sometimes, the people who own the building can influence the energy of our spaces too since the property “belongs” to them. It can change our lives if we set up energetic boundaries and clear our spaces regularly.

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