My session with Maria brought me exactly the kind of clarity I was in search of and for that I will be eternally grateful. I went in for an intensive session which was a first for me and I’m so glad I decided to do it. I was able to release so many blocks that had been holding me back. Maria was very warm, kind and full of love and light - I was instantly put at ease. Opening up to her was like talking to an old friend that genuinely cared. She allowed me to pour out all that was troubling me, no matter how big or small and she listened with a caring ear. After my session not only did I feel like a weight had been lifted but I truly felt like I was well-equipped to better handle my emotions in the future. The positive changes that have taken place in my life since then are a testament to Maria’s work and the amazing gift she has as a healer.


I went into the session looking for a sense of clarity. I had felt mentally and spiritually blocked for a long time. There was so much I still felt I didn’t know about myself, so much that I unexpectedly discovered in an hour sitting across Maria. She allowed me to trip across my words, stumble for an understanding of a situation or a person or relationship, only to help piece puzzles together. She calmly guided me through and gave her insight including some clairvoyant images she saw. 

I come from a very conservative, religious culture. I assumed that I could never do my situation justice or explain my story appropriately to Maria in a way that would allow me to receive what I needed from her, thinking she’d never understand. However those boundaries melted away. In the intuitive counseling session Maria was so open and receiving that it allowed me the room to pour out my heart out, and elaborate on everything from family to career endeavours to romantic relationships. The moments of ‘tuning in’ with deep breaths put me at such ease and thus helped me communicate. I left the intuitive counseling session feeling so awake, alive and in tune with myself. 

The second time I visited Maria was for my first Reiki session. The most significant moment was when she pressed a point on the palm of my right hand causing very strong flashes of memories of a failed past relationship. Shutting my eyes tightly, I almost told her to stop. The results were not at all what I had expected. I returned home crying. I had no idea there was so much pain left even after 6 months. It was all a part of this cathartic necessary process, and a day later I was relieved, with calmness and clarity on the situation. 

As a writer, the two sessions alone rebooted what I call my ‘dried out’ creative juices. To be clear, Maria will not fix you. If she is right for you and you are open to receiving, she will give you the tools, the perspective and the ability to look at your life in a way you never did. I was going through a period of immense change as a student on my semester abroad in New York City but those last few days consisting of two sessions with her had pushed my growth even farther.

Like trying to start a car with a faulty engine, my spiritual journey never took off despite my past efforts. I consider those two sessions to be the beginning of my true awakening, a late 21st birthday present to myself. I was starting the next chapter of my life on the right foot. It all happened at the right time and place, and I’ll never be the same again thanks to Maria.

- Anonymous

Of all the experiences I've had with ESP professionals, Maria gave me the most specific, profound, and enlightening reading by a long shot. Her voice speaks the truth straight to your soul. I was moved to complete stillness - shocked by the accuracy of her revelations and, at the same time, unsurprised by the natural truth that resonated throughout my whole being. I was immediately liberated. I felt like I was seen and known for the first time in my life. Maria is exceptionally receptive to the deepest levels of truth we can access as human beings. Her clarity is pristine and she communicates purely. I highly recommend discovering the divine wisdom that Maria embodies. She expanded my universe more than anyone I've ever encountered. I'm forever grateful.


You've probably read nice reviews about many people but Maria is a whole different thing! Not only did she read me with an astonishing level of accuracy but she was willing to go deep into directions I was asking her too. Moreover, I came just for the reading but she offered a healing too! Now I know exactly what is going on and what direction to take with different areas of my life. So... if you want something accurate, helpful and powerful, Maria is the Go-to person!

- Gaius

I had an amazing clairvoyant reading with Maria. She saw into things that made me put life decisions into perspective, making me realize and come to terms with my feelings and then understand my power to influence the future. It was my first remote experience (i.e. phone call), and I was a little nervous but she makes you feel comfortable the whole time. Maria has a very positive energy and can somehow read auras and energy to a tee. Not to mention, her pure intentions can be felt. She wants you to have the tools you need to create the best life. Honestly an unreal reading. Positive experience - Will do it again.


I went for a Reiki session with Maria last week. As soon as I walked in I felt so comfortable. She wanted to know about me and the reason for my visit, so we sat down and talked. I could feel she really cared for my healing, it was a beautiful conversation already full of guidance and peace. The session was so beyond my powerful and beautiful...I left floating feeling so happy and relaxed. I realized things about my self during it and also during the next few days, thoughts and feelings kept coming to me like visions on the issues I had to heal. I feel so connected and peaceful, Maria pushed me in such a good healing direction.


Maria is absolutely wonderful! I received my first reiki session from her and she exceeded my expectations. She has a lovely, calming presence that made me feel completely comfortable. She provided me with spot on insight about my chakras and my body! I would definitely go back and recommend.

- Brooke 

Growing up in Japan, I heard on a daily basis, people refer to this mysterious energy called "ki", and talk about it as if this magical force were as real as our cell phones. I had always loved the idea, and wished that it were true. It was never real for me because I never felt it or experienced it in any way.

That is, until I had a reiki session with Maria.
I had an injury in my left shoulder that had been bothering me for about three weeks along with a couple other minor injuries in other parts of my body. Maria suggested a remote session. The whole idea of remote reiki session was entirely new to me and was a bit puzzled, but I was pretty desperate at that point, so we agreed on it.

The shoulder was aching so bad on the day of the session, I was coming home from work miserable and in half tears. I was told to turn my phone off and lie down, so i did. But I realized that if I turned my phone off, I had no way of knowing how much time had passed, so I got up to turn my phone on airplane mode instead. 

While I was fidgeting with my phone, I felt a strong pressure on my left shoulder. Not pain, just pressure. I thought may be this could be the sign that the session had started, so I quickly laid back down again. 

During the session, I kept track of this pressure I was feeling - where and how I feel it, how long it stayed in each part of my body. I traced and kept close attention to the pressure as it moved around between the injured areas, and made a point to remember the movement. 

I got up only after I no longer felt the pressure. Afterwards, I asked Maria what exactly it was that she did, without saying what I had felt first. I wanted to know that the pressure I was feeling wasn't just my imagination. To my amazement, what she had described was exactly what I had felt. Everything she said was exactly as I had remembered it - location, duration, order, everything. I would have been amazed if I had felt anything at all from such a distance, but to feel her energy exactly as she intended totally blew my mind. Not only that, but the pain in my left shoulder was completely gone for a whole week and a half afterwards!!

It was such an amazing experience, and I am very thankful for Maria, and her power. She is also such a sweet, lovely person too! I highly recommend!


This experience stood out and I want to show my appreciation. In my young adult life, I've often felt as though I'm some strange foreign musical instrument behind glass in an ancient history museum. People glance at me, struggle to imagine what sound I might make, and quickly exit to the next exhibit. After so many times I felt misunderstood by other people - in school, in relationships - I began to stop trying to express my feelings honestly. So, after the weight of this isolation and misunderstanding built up over the years, I can't really describe how touched I was by my Reiki/counseling session with Maria. I can offer no better description of the experience than to say that I felt she already knew how to produce sound from that metaphorical instrument. Bearing with the analogy, her guided meditation, thoughtful questions, and profound openness were like carefully-timed plucks, strikes, and bows at my soul and I could feel a desperate place inside me begin to resonate, building into a beautiful scream... It's the exuberance of communicating with someone who has a gift for being *real*.  In addition to her skill as a counselor/listener, she is such a charming person and it makes you happy to know that such an adorable person is roaming about somewhere out there making a positive impact!


Maria's remote reiki is NO JOKE.

I've always been a skeptic--thought reiki worked by power of suggestion-- you feel better having someones hands move over you, of course. 

My remote reiki sessions with Maria have shown me how wrong I was-- this isn't suggestion, it's very real!

Maria is very powerful. She is able to diagnose energetic and physical imbalances with almost unnerving accuracy--  from chest pain, to chronic worrying, she can feel what you feel. What's more, though, she can transform it-- by the end of a session, you are returned to  a state of bliss.

I decided to run a little test-- during one 45 minute session, I kept track of my thoughts & feelings, & the sensations in my body. Afterward, I asked Maria for a chronological run-down of what she'd worked on. My notes & hers matched up perfectly.

I don't know how she does it, but it works!