My Story

When we blur lines and abolish boxes, we create our own space where we are free.

I was a Chinese immigrant at the age of 3. My parents in their pursuit of the "American Dream", brought me to America in the hopes of a brighter future. Multiple moves as a child thrust me in environments I was ill-equipped to handle especially when I didn't speak the language, not to mention left me alone in negotiating cultural and socioeconomic differences between my family and my schools. Obscured by the veneer of the model-minority myth, I was the victim of emotional, psychological, verbal and physical abuse. However,  I was conditioned to carry the burden of everyone else's mental health issues, pretend that nothing was wrong and think it was my fault. My acting out, my body and mind's expression of pain, were pushed back onto me in forms of gas-lighting and invalidation. Although outwardly "successful", internally I was used to having no sense of self, worth or power. These issues were made even more complicated by the fact that I am a super-empath and by the cultural shame surrounding a person's "truth" if it's less than ideal.

After suffering from more than 15 years of trauma related symptoms including anxiety, chronic panic attacks, insomnia, self destructive behaviors and depression, I became increasingly hopeless. The thing about traumas is, they repeat until they're fully healed. However, not every trauma is easy to identify and many have complex layers. Even after years of therapy, the wounds festered. I sought answers and resources outside of my comfort zone and recognized the untapped potential for the soma and the unconscious mind to process these wounds. Following my first energy healing, I experienced clarity. My suffering put me on the path to finding my purpose. My question of, what is wrong with me? Found its answer: nothing.

Through healing myself, through years of research and treatment, I learned how to rebuild myself. The work doesn’t stop there, I’m always following my curiosity into new terrains of healing so that I can share them with you. I am passionate about helping others reclaim their power and move out blocks to their own unique paths. As someone who occupies many marginalized boxes, I also understand collective silencing on a larger scale and its impact on the individual.

Often our solutions are easier to find than we think and better yet: they are already within us. Eriksonian hypnosis and Reiki access the mind and body's innate capacity to heal that the rational mind cannot access. We are each capable of feeling peace and happiness. I chose to study Clairvoyance after several clairvoyant readings gave me clarity, perspective and expanded my autonomy. Not to mention, they profoundly affected the trajectory of my life in a positive way by giving me information & tools to make the best choices. Who doesn't want insider intel? Finally, for an even more comprehensive, neuroscientific anchoring, I studied Integrative Life Coaching. Although I already have a vast array of tools to share, I also bring in tools discovered in my own life through acting, various coaching methods (including self-love, sexuality & intimacy), tantric breath work and kundalini yoga in order to create a tailored experience of embodiment, empowerment and expansion.

To preserve my purity as conduit for Universal Life Force, I live in the cleanest way possible so that the energy I transfer to you is at its maximum potential. As a born healer, my energy field accelerates the process of healing. Healing is as natural to me as breathing. 

My goal is to guide others to become the empowered creators of their reality and confront the distortions within contemporary existence. I want to see every person I interact with not only beam, but experience fulfillment for the long haul. My heart is committed to your evolution.

I hold a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Film Studies from NYU. I am certified in:

  • Advanced Eriksonian Hypnosis

  • Reiki Level 3 (Master)

  • Clairvoyant Readings

  • Integrative Life Coaching

I am LGBTQIA+, kink, poly, alternative lifestyle affirmative