Life Updates

I don’t share much personal material here on this blog, nor in my sessions, nor have I invested in cultivating a social media presence for this healing practice. It’s my belief that I only share that which is necessary for the growth of my clients in session and any more than that is an overshare.

That being said, I’ve recently learned it’s okay to not have such strict boundaries and walls pertaining to work and personal. Sometimes, you won’t know what can help someone, and some fluidity as long as it doesn’t become just about the healer (which I believe is an act of ego) is necessary. This work is NOT about me. It’s about what I, and my experiences, can facilitate for you.

Recently, I took a huge leap of faith. I’d come across the idea of the unlived life in The War of Art, as recommended to me by one of my healers. The concept is about how we each have two lives, one is our pro-scribed life, the one we lead out of safety, and the other is where our wildest dreams lie. We can’t have both, and it takes tremendous courage to pursue the unlived life. What more is, if we can find ease in the fear and chaos of not being in control, of all the fear that we have, and that is provoked in others when they find out we’re taking these risks at the expense of some form of approved “Security”, things unfold in a way that is too strange to predict, and all too comforting for the psyche, that’s used to identifying danger in the face of unpredictability.

Back in December, I’d come across a sanctuary in Hawaii. It wasn’t until last year that I started traveling to new places solo- and I’d never imagined that I’d end up in Hawaii of all places, but it called to me. It started coming to me in dreams, first, and I just followed all the signs. I ended up finding a micro-rainforest owned by healers. I asked one of them how she ended up there. She described to me her process is choosing to live the unlived life. She said, every step of the way when we come up with resistance (which can take the form of: “but I don’t have the money, I don’t have x y z, it’s not the right time,”) and if we defy that resistance, or work through it, then something else opens up for us, and the money shows up, and things work out. But that was what brought her to change her life and move to Hawaii and live the life that she wanted, deep down.

I felt so stuck in NYC for a long time. It felt safe, familiar, comfortable, but the bubble of the comfort zone was starting to become restrictive. In March, I went in search of clarity, again in Hawaii. I went back to do all the things I didn’t do the first time, including a cliff jump that terrified me too much. I learned in that instance, just do it. Don’t overthink it, and once you take that leap there’s nothing else you can do but surrender to it, and your body will know what to do. The water hit my tailbone, shaking up a few blocks in my root chakra (for those of you who are familiar, the root rules residences, home—) I do believe that it was stagnating in relationship to where I was living, as I never quite found the impetus to change it. Here was the universe, nature, giving me a proverbial and literal slap on the ass to move me forward.

I had asked that day for the Universe to give me clarity. And it did. As soon as I got out of the water, it was like someone was screaming in my ear “MOVE TO LA”- it was so clear, clearer than that guttural intuition. It was an intuition that wrapped all the way around me, through me, beneath me. I’ve always more or less understood that I’m a tiny piece on a chessboard, and although I may not see the entirety of the strategy, that I can count on a larger force to guide me to where I need to be- because all the other pieces also rest on my move, and I also depend on the other pieces to be prompted, and to follow their moves too. A few more occurrences and shifts came into place, and I found myself back in NYC with a dire need to move on, right away. In fact, the only things (and people) that kept me in NYC fell away in the days after my return which you’ll notice will happen when the Universe wants to free up your energy. In two short months, I made it out here. There were many people who were shifted into my life at the time I needed them- including people giving me not just a launching pad, but a plan of action for when I moved— these were gifts that I could’ve never foreseen. But when you commit to a move for your highest, purest good, the Universe supports you.

The last lesson I learned while being out here was one of patience. That, although things can move fast, they can also move very slow. That, sprinting is good for certain distances, but sometimes we need to re-calibrate and jog the rest of the way, knowing it’s a long way. I also learned, that in the face of the unknown, we can often also default to being paralyzed by fear. But it always, somehow, always, works out. Not only that, but our commitment to making sure that we’re in flow, which comes with getting into alignment, means that we place ourselves into a larger planetary flow and to receive the energies and influences that come with a much larger force than us. I’ve never felt stronger and more in tune, and that comes with also feeling so incredibly vulnerable. This comes with a deep anchoring belief that I deserve all the good that is to come. That’s what taking a big risk is for. Sometimes, we have to play to win.

In-Person Sessions in NYC

June will be the last month I'll be offering in-person sessions for some time. I'll be creating a remote integrative healing session available by phone.

The session will be intuition led, integrating all of my skills, tools and trainings to maximize your healing. I know that most of you prefer in person sessions to remote sessions, but the remote sessions are just as effective, if not more. It allows a clear and focused funnel of energy from which to work, not to mention you in your own space allows a deeper level of comfort.

Some of my remote clients from the past have even moved from debilitating chronic pain to a pain-free existence, and chronic anxiety/stress/depression to "living for the first time" through working with me.

Commitment supports the process and I've seen astounding positive changes when we work together every week. For those of you who prefer on going work, there is a 10-session package with a discount.

To schedule an in person session for the next month, please use the online booking form at I've upped my availability for in person sessions to accommodate.

If you'd like to secure a spot on my client roster of integrative healing, please contact me for more information.

New Services: Pet Healing and Space Clearing

I’m excited to announce that I’ll now be offering remote pet healing and space clearing.

Pet Healing:

If you notice that your pet seems off, or if you’ve already been through rounds of Vet treatments and still, your pet isn’t recovering, this may be a good option for you. Sometimes diseases are caused by energetic or emotional imbalances, just like in humans. Remotely, I tap into your pets energy and see what’s going on beneath the surface and shift the energetic blocks to bring your pet back to optimal health. Sometimes I also pick up on information regarding the cause, or even about how to improve his/her relationship with you, and will communicate this to you.

Space Clearing:

If you’ve noticed negative or toxic energy in your home, office or establishment, I can help you clear it and shift the energy so that it’s a positive one. Space energy can affect us on so many levels. It can cause us to absorb negative energy, it can make us unproductive, it can even deter people from entering our establishment because on an unconscious level they can sense it. Having a clear space can facilitate a higher level of productivity and success. The thing about energy in our spaces is, sometimes the energy from our neighbors can seep through our walls. Sometimes, the people who own the building can influence the energy of our spaces too since the property “belongs” to them. It can change our lives if we set up energetic boundaries and clear our spaces regularly.

To book, click here

Empowerment Coaching

One of the things I’m most passionate about is personal power. In a world where we’re told what to do from the time we’re young and expected to abide by authority and institutions for the rest of our lives, we can lose a great deal of our power. And that becomes fragmenting, and can leak out in strange ways of coercion, co-dependency, manipulation and control.

Women are especially conditioned to give away their power.

My healing process has been geared towards how to connect to myself. How to own my space, how to speak up and operate from grounded power. I feel that in our society, when a woman is “powerful” and assertive, she’s more likely to be considered such if she’s abiding by tenants of masculinity. Think in a workplace, how feminine attributes aren’t exactly accepted. In the past I’ve heard so many of my female bosses say how they act like men in order to get ahead.

I find this problematic, because there’s a reason why there’s a feminine energy and masculine energy in us all. I feel that to be feminine and to run that energy is inherently powerful. It’s just that it’s been wrongfully associated with a weakened, overly conditioned feminine state. The feminine that has to apologize for herself, that is submissive and docile, that caters to men, that needs to be nice and self-sacrificing at all costs.

This is society’s definition of “femininity” and it is as toxic as what is coming to light now regarding “toxic masculinity”

We need a reworking of what true feminine energy is, and that is a very powerful state indeed.

A lot of my coaching with women is geared towards unlocking that inner power and radiance, and I LOVE love love this so much. I’ve worked with men too and unlocking their personal power which is different, but both are about connecting with yourself, integrating mind and body and authenticating what you really want, what makes you really happy vs. what you think makes you happy.

It’s about tapping into flow, not force which is how the majority of us live. That’s why there’s so much chronic illness and burn out at relatively young ages. As I’ve heard many health experts describe, we’re now “genetic mutants” because we accept that at age 50 our bodies break down, when that’s not supposed to happen! Human beings are wired for a lot more longevity than that. That’s barely half way through life!

Contact me about ongoing empowerment coaching. It’s remote and utilizes all of my skillsets to work through every layer to get you back to your natural state as creator.

Integrative Life Coaching

I was recently certified as an integrative life coach through The Center for Integrative Hypnosis which is affiliated with IACT- the international association of counselors and therapists. I learned so much from my teacher who is considered one of the best of the best in this field.

I’m now accepting clients who are interested in a long term format (10 sessions) of integrative life coaching, which entails NLP, EFT and hypnosis to guide you in making positive changes in your life. This combination targets both the conscious and unconscious mind as well as pressure points on the body. The format is backed by the latest neuroscientific research of neuroplasticity and body cognition.

I’ll give you the tools you need to rewire your brain, reshape your approaches are your habits so that you can lead your life in the way you want.

I’m currently accepting new clients for coaching. Email me, or book a phone consultation.

How To Choose the Right Healer

In choosing the right healer, it’s most important you feel a resonance. It’s a sudden feeling of connectedness, like you’re drawn to them for some reason and often don’t know why.

In my personal opinion, that’s the most important, because the resonance indicates that unconsciously you’re occupying a similar wavelength. Meaning, they can help you, and you know they can.

I would put this aside for a minute so you can sit with it. If you find your thoughts going to the healer with whom you have resonance, I’d take that as a cue to proceed.

Make sure that it’s someone whose energy you like, whose personality you like, who practices good energetic hygiene. Reason being, in the healing process, your energies are mixing. You don’t want to spend time with someone whose energy doesn’t sync up with yours, or its clear that they don’t take care of themselves or their energy. After you leave an energy healing session, some of the healer’s energy stays on you. If it’s someone who you just don’t like for any reason,, you definitely don’t want their energy on you!

Reason being, if you want an energy clearing, then it’s not going to be to your benefit to be cleared by someone whose energy is “dirty” because that will stick to you and will defeat the purpose. If it’s someone who just seems sad, depressed, upset,, you’ll most likely feel all those too because when your channels are opening during a healing, they’re porous.

Most importantly, choose someone who demonstrates sensitivity- reason being,

in energy healing, although most of the time we’re dealing with things unseen. Sensitivity is what attunes us to the energy. Although unseen, this has real implications because everything, EVERYTHING is energy. When something/one affects your energy, this/they’re affecting the way you emit, broadcast your energy into the world and therefore, what you attract back into your reality. So take your time with this and it’s worth it to make the investment.

Letting People In

Unconscious defenses pile up- that's just the way maturation goes. We learn to accumulate pain as reminders to not get hurt again. We learn to disconnect, to compartmentalize, yet what's striking is that we weren't always this way, were we? 

There was a time and a place when I was open to all experiences without judgments, without assumptions of, "this won't work" or rules of "how it's supposed to go" 

What ends up happening is that we stop allowing ourselves to be human. To make mistakes. To step outside the box. We also stop letting other people be human too. One wrong move and they're written off. Or, we never truly let them close to us. We close our hearts before they can get inside even if physically we're with them. We can be near them, but yet, we can feel like we're in the other room. We withdraw to self-protect, dodge issues and avoid confrontation. 

We stop allowing ourselves to feel our true feelings for fear of being vulnerable. Because if we're vulnerable, if we just jump in, we might get destroyed all over again. We might be labeled naive, or worse yet, "emotional", and then where did all that experience go that taught us to be "wiser"?

However, we then deprive ourselves of the experience of being alive. That's what we came here for anyway, isn't it? To experience the whole range of "humanness" including emotions, positive and negative. Instead of allowing our minds to naturally go to the what ifs, to the can't, shoulds and possible outcomes, why don't we just live in the present and enjoy it for what it is? And the knowledge it can bring us about ourselves? We attract just what we need in the present moment, and you might be surprised what some of the people we are resonating the most with at present can show us, to help us move forward.

It's a choice. No one can ever get close to us unless we let them, and we can choose to slowly peel away the layers so that we can be truly connected, because deep down that's what we all need.

From Stuck to Forward Movement

Sometimes when you feel stuck it’s hard to muster the motivation to move forward. Not only that but, it feels safe to be stuck. We may be unconsciously blocking ourselves to “protect” ourselves from new terrains that feel uncomfortable and risky. Change is scary.

How do you combat this?

Realize that the ego goes into resistance whenever there’s a shift. You CAN do this, and you, your soul, knows this. That’s where your power is derived from. Left to your ego, you are powerless because it tries to convince you of your powerlessness. It tells you you can’t, that you’re not good enough, that fear is reasonable and valid.

The first step to take is any step. It’s not about the step itself, and there’s no need to worry about it being the right step to obtain the right outcome. Outcome is secondary, as it can’t come without some movement first. Movement is really about directing the energy toward forward movement that attracts new events.

The 2nd step is to evaluate what it is you want. A better career? More money? Love? Friendship? Be clear about what it is you want and start taking baby steps in each. Put yourself out there, and when you feel resistance, keep going. Resistance is a break through waiting to happen.

As you break through the stuck energy, you’ll see just how easy it is to keep accelerating. The path becomes clear and momentum carries itself. A lot of times, being stuck is just telling us that we lack the confidence to move forward. But confidence is within. The ego/mind hides a lot of our innate confidence, worth from us -- it's not the truth.

you CAN do this! No matter how scary it seems! Recognize that you have support even when you feel that you don't.

Clairvoyant Readings and Healings

I'm now offering Clairvoyant readings at a reduced rate. This is a new part of my practice, even though I've been training for a few months now. 

With a clairvoyant reading, we'll be able to see a higher perspective and connect with spirits, guides, angels, all while remaining grounded and obtaining information for your highest good and purpose.

This is not about predicting the future, as that robs you of your free will. This is about assessing outcomes, pairing energies, and seeing what steps to take NOW to help you reach your maximum potential. You can ask about any facet of your life: relationships, career, or anything pertaining to your life path.

When we read, we also heal- I aid you in moving out energies from your space that are not yours nor contributing to positive outcomes. We're able to clear your aura, your chakras, and see what needs attention. We're able to get important information that you may not otherwise be able to access.

Several profound readings inspired me to study and build my clairvoyance skill set. If not for well timed readings (that often feel like they're part of the path, as they do have the power to change outcomes) I was able to heal my relationship with, and find resolution with my mother before she passed. I was able to communicate with her spirit after she passed and understand her situation better, not to mention find closure. I was able to make several life changing decisions with the information accessed from a higher perspective, accessed for my highest good and well-being. In life's most trying times, we want answers and often times we can get them.

To book a clairvoyant reading either email me at or book here

Stepping Into Power

The process of stepping into ones' own power means owning oneself fully and truly. It means facing every part of you, especially the parts of you that you hide to be socially accepted. Shadow work is essential in this process, as most of us discard and disown elements of ourselves that we cover in shame and self-rejection. That means feeling the depth of negative emotions, "abnormal" (I say this in quotes because what I mean is, anything outside of what society defines as normal which is a rather limited box) needs and basically, anything about ourselves that we'd cringe at if someone else found out about.

For me, that was feelings of neediness, loneliness, sadness, a fear of rejection and vulnerability. If we all came out and said what it was that we hid away, we'd probably come to find that we all hide the same things.

On the spiritual path, if you're like me and have had a share of traumatic events, you'll likely dissociate or want to escape from the heavier feelings and move towards the lighter ones. As a shaman identified for me, this is a form of spiritual bypassing. Although it feels like we are on the path towards enlightenment, we do need to face the discomfort to be able to drop into our bodies because the truth is, our power is in our bodies. If our spirits journey out, our bodies are left defenseless and our visions lose their grounding. Often times in these moments we'll hit a "Detour" or what appears/feels to be like one. It will often feel like a trauma itself, but what it's doing is dislodging our deeper traumas in our unconscious that are matching this circumstance. These detours are what allow us to step into our power.

Throughout the process, it can be grueling, but keep in mind that we are only given that which we can handle. If you are a person like me, a very old soul, a healer, an empath, then you already know that you've signed up for a hell of a lot of challenges in this lifetime to refine you, to make you stronger and suited for the large undertakings ahead. We can only heal people as much as we heal ourselves, after all. Before my "detour", I was taking on the energies of other people, their pain, their wounds and not realizing that those were only being absorbed because they matched something in my past that I'd buried in my subconscious. On the other side of this detour, I realize how much faster I can go down my path now after clearing out all of the darker, residual aspects.

We are human- and as human beings we are wired to judge. And that judgment is information not for the other person, but for ourselves- it brings up our belief systems and what we fear within ourselves. We can use this as useful information in our transformation process as it makes us more powerful.

Remember that power is not what we are conditioned to believe it is: it is not masculine, domineering, aggressive. That is overcompensation. That is purely gender based conditioning. Real power is integration. Real power is feminine and masculine. Real Power is ownership of the self, ugliness and all.