I remember being a teenager and reading The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle.

It was back then I began reading self-help books in my spare time, seeking education and help. I knew there was something wrong with how I felt and what I dealt with, but living in that reality and being told it was 100% normal doesn't allow that perspective.

It was like being in Plato's Cave

If you're unfamiliar with the Allegory of the Cave, essentially Plato likens existence to people living their lives in a cave, watching shadows cast on the wall. Because of their limited perspective, they believe this is the world. 

The Power of Now struck me hard and I still remember the passage today even though it's been countless years since I've read it. It was about how Tolle came to be. What I mean is, when he embodied consciousness and surrendered to his Spirit. He described it as a moment of darkness sitting on a park bench and he thought the world had ended. He thought he was dying, his reality was caving in. Then the next morning it was akin to the first day of his entire life. He could finally see.

I truly believe that there's a part of us that already knows everything we are going to experience. As esoteric spiritual teachings tell us, our souls write a plan for every lesson we agree to experience in our life. We not only have this contract with ourselves, but we also have them with others. We enter into a soul contract with other people who serve a mutual purpose on our journey. It explains why, even though you may be encountering 500 people a day, you only resonate with a select few. 

That part of me both knew and had NO idea what I was about to experience. I didn't think that spiritual awakening would be something on my radar, but there must be a reason why I remembered for all those years the first time I encountered a description of it. I would never have imagined this is what I would become, to have my reality shifted entirely in the past 5 months, to have rebuilt myself from inside out. But being out of that cave for once is the most I could ever ask for.

A long time ago I ran into a palm reader. The skeptic, rational side of me dismissed it, but the intuitive part, and my heart, heard it loud and clear. I asked her why my life line was so short.

"Look here," she said, pointing to a line that extended below my life line. "It breaks off but continues here. You're going to live your life one way and then drastically change and live it a new way,"

I did not know that what she was showing me was my awakening.