In-Person Sessions in NYC

June will be the last month I'll be offering in-person sessions for some time. I'll be creating a remote integrative healing session available by phone.

The session will be intuition led, integrating all of my skills, tools and trainings to maximize your healing. I know that most of you prefer in person sessions to remote sessions, but the remote sessions are just as effective, if not more. It allows a clear and focused funnel of energy from which to work, not to mention you in your own space allows a deeper level of comfort.

Some of my remote clients from the past have even moved from debilitating chronic pain to a pain-free existence, and chronic anxiety/stress/depression to "living for the first time" through working with me.

Commitment supports the process and I've seen astounding positive changes when we work together every week. For those of you who prefer on going work, there is a 10-session package with a discount.

To schedule an in person session for the next month, please use the online booking form at I've upped my availability for in person sessions to accommodate.

If you'd like to secure a spot on my client roster of integrative healing, please contact me for more information.