Empowerment Coaching

One of the things I’m most passionate about is personal power. In a world where we’re told what to do from the time we’re young and expected to abide by authority and institutions for the rest of our lives, we can lose a great deal of our power. And that becomes fragmenting, and can leak out in strange ways of coercion, co-dependency, manipulation and control.

Women are especially conditioned to give away their power.

My healing process has been geared towards how to connect to myself. How to own my space, how to speak up and operate from grounded power. I feel that in our society, when a woman is “powerful” and assertive, she’s more likely to be considered such if she’s abiding by tenants of masculinity. Think in a workplace, how feminine attributes aren’t exactly accepted. In the past I’ve heard so many of my female bosses say how they act like men in order to get ahead.

I find this problematic, because there’s a reason why there’s a feminine energy and masculine energy in us all. I feel that to be feminine and to run that energy is inherently powerful. It’s just that it’s been wrongfully associated with a weakened, overly conditioned feminine state. The feminine that has to apologize for herself, that is submissive and docile, that caters to men, that needs to be nice and self-sacrificing at all costs.

This is society’s definition of “femininity” and it is as toxic as what is coming to light now regarding “toxic masculinity”

We need a reworking of what true feminine energy is, and that is a very powerful state indeed.

A lot of my coaching with women is geared towards unlocking that inner power and radiance, and I LOVE love love this so much. I’ve worked with men too and unlocking their personal power which is different, but both are about connecting with yourself, integrating mind and body and authenticating what you really want, what makes you really happy vs. what you think makes you happy.

It’s about tapping into flow, not force which is how the majority of us live. That’s why there’s so much chronic illness and burn out at relatively young ages. As I’ve heard many health experts describe, we’re now “genetic mutants” because we accept that at age 50 our bodies break down, when that’s not supposed to happen! Human beings are wired for a lot more longevity than that. That’s barely half way through life!

Contact me about ongoing empowerment coaching. It’s remote and utilizes all of my skillsets to work through every layer to get you back to your natural state as creator.