Why Invest in Energetic Maintenance?

Energetic maintenance is not only an investment in yourself, but in those around you.

Our energetic imprints create our reality and set our boundaries. Notice the patterns in your life? Why do you keep attracting the same types of relationships with people, money, housing, friends, etc? Objectively, how come other people have patterns that aren't similar to yours at all? The answer is it's all in the energy they're sending out.

We develop an idea that we need to work harder to change those habits but really, some of it can be changed effortlessly through healing our energy. When we heal our energy, our whole world transforms, and then that impacts everyone in our lives positively.

Before I had my own energy healing, I would've scoffed at the idea of routine energetics. But now, I've put myself on a routine of shamanic healing, acupuncture (so I can address energy centers and meridians at once), detoxing (regular visits to an infrared sauna, colonics, massages, high endurance workouts) and on average two hours of meditation a day. I barely drink and my diet is vegetarian and healthy. It is a lot of time and money I put towards this and it is worth it because when you invest in yourself, you send a message to the world that you matter. And when you invest in your energy, because you're also investing in others and the world at large, you get back your investment tenfold or more. That is the way energy works- the universe will always support you if you're making wise decisions that contribute to the greater good. The stronger your energy, the more good you can do.

Before my life changed, I kept repeating the same patterns and beating myself up about it, spending so much time trying to work it out, seeking help in all the wrong places. Nothing seemed to change. And now, my life is completely different. My old self-defeating patterns vanished. I don't even have to say a word. My energy does the work for me and attracts just what I need when I need it. It self sustains- the more work I put in, the more disciplined I am towards my own healing, the more expansive and abundant my life becomes. 

The truth is counterintuitive. When things seem difficult- do less. Tune in more.

Remember that paradoxically by not taking care of yourself, you are being selfish. You can only take care of others if you take care of yourself. Why do they tell you on the plane to put your mask on first before you secure masks onto others? Think about it.