Trance is a naturally occurring state. It is argued that before we enter what we know as "Trance", we already are walking around in trance.

Think about the ways we self soothe and numb ourselves- we watch TV, we binge eat. We do these things mindlessly because why? It's almost like we put ourselves in trance to cope.

What are we coping with?

From the time we're young and impressionable we're given hypnotic suggestions and brainwashed to believe who we "are". When we grow we are taught by society to act certain ways. Boys don't cry. Girls need to be nice. Then we have a cultural layer. For me, I was conditioned to be submissive because that's what nice Chinese girls are (there's a cultural concept of "guai" which means well-behaved, to do as you're told. It is a cherished trait). Then we have the messages we internalize from our friends, parents (what Freud would call the Ego). You're a messy person, you never finish your work, you're lazy- or on the flip side we get many positive messages as well that may or may not reflect who we truly are.

The act of going into trance electively for the purposes of hypnosis is self-selected. It is an instance of the authentic self choosing to remove those layers of conditioned responses and restrictions. It is the first step to liberation, because in that "trance" state, we can access the subconscious mind in its purity to literally, delete our programming.

The ways you act automatically are conditioned responses. They're not really you.

Don't you want to know who you really are?

I bet you'd like you if you got to know you. I know I already do.