A Complement to Therapy

Energy healing and hypnosis are complementary to traditional therapy. Why?

Through my personal experience with many different types of therapy, I came to find that although it is a very useful tool for self understanding and behavior modification the maojrity of therapy is oriented towards the rational mind.

The rational mind has all sorts of ego defenses used to obscure the core of the issue- we rationalize, intellectualize every which way in order to convince ourselves of certain "truths" which really just obscures the truth. Therapy is amazing at getting the rational mind under control and providing the basis of motivation, and that's where hypnosis can then target the subconscious mind, core issue to eradicate it. Energy healing then resets all of your energetic patterns, putting you back into balance. 

I use the analogy of the pyramid often. Say you're trying to soak the entire pyramid. Therapy is like soaking the pyramid from the base, meanwhile hypnosis is like saturating the pyramid from the tip. If you do both at once then you achieve your goal much quicker. Add in energy healing and you have a polished, impeccable pyramid.