What is Remote Reiki?

Remote Reiki is done from a distance. I will arrange with you prior either via phone or email what our focus(es) will be in our session. All you need is a place to lie down and relax. Many people experience a very peaceful energy around and within them. Many people, especially those who are more attuned to energy, will feel the parts of their body that I am working on or that the energy moves at times from one place to another. I usually choose crystals to amplify/specify the energy for a particular focus, meanwhile I direct energy remotely with my mind and work along with the intentions we set for your highest good.

It is natural to have different thoughts pop into mind and there is no need to resist. Often times it is part of the treatment. For example, if I am focusing on uncording you, you may have thoughts of people pop into your head because I am releasing their energy from your body alongside the emotions associated with them. Or, if you are healing from a broken heart, you may feel sad or revisit memories pertaining to the circumstances of your broken heart. This is perfectly normal. You are processing the emotions, releasing them and resolving the incomplete memories.

Some clients choose to do this in the morning to energize them. Others who seek relaxation may find it best to have a session before bed. I will discuss with you the best timing and format. Clients report feeling a sense of bliss, well-being, relaxation, pain relief and rejuvenation post session.