What is hypnosis?

Eriksonian hypnosis supposes that each person has within us all the resources we need to meet our needs. It is a gentle procedure that guides a client into their subconscious mind which stores much more information than the conscious mind. 

Through accessing, reframing and learning from our experience while in a state of trance, we are able to see the positive intentions behind all of our behaviors and experiences in order to develop resilience. Not to mention, we may learn how to handle our challenges more resourcefully.

What is trance?

Trance is a naturally occurring state of relaxation much like the one we enter when we meditate. It is a state in which we stop trying and as research shows, it is the optimal state in which we learn and process. We let go of resistance that keeps us from accessing our deeper states of intelligence and awareness. When we let go, we develop a higher state of consciousness.

Will you make me quack like a duck?

No. Our current perceptions of hypnosis are heavily skewed towards stage hypnosis where hypnotists emphasize the entertainment value of hypnosis rather than approach it therapeutically. The language is very gentle and empowers you in the experience. I will never make you do anything you do not want to do.

Can anyone be hypnotized? 

Yes. However, it is always consensual. That means if your subconscious mind does not want to be hypnotized for whatever reason conscious or unconscious, I will not be able to put you into trance. Same for everything that I suggest to you while in trance. You will never make changes that you do not want.