Clairvoyant Readings and Healings

I'm now offering Clairvoyant readings at a reduced rate. This is a new part of my practice, even though I've been training for a few months now. 

With a clairvoyant reading, we'll be able to see a higher perspective and connect with spirits, guides, angels, all while remaining grounded and obtaining information for your highest good and purpose.

This is not about predicting the future, as that robs you of your free will. This is about assessing outcomes, pairing energies, and seeing what steps to take NOW to help you reach your maximum potential. You can ask about any facet of your life: relationships, career, or anything pertaining to your life path.

When we read, we also heal- I aid you in moving out energies from your space that are not yours nor contributing to positive outcomes. We're able to clear your aura, your chakras, and see what needs attention. We're able to get important information that you may not otherwise be able to access.

Several profound readings inspired me to study and build my clairvoyance skill set. If not for well timed readings (that often feel like they're part of the path, as they do have the power to change outcomes) I was able to heal my relationship with, and find resolution with my mother before she passed. I was able to communicate with her spirit after she passed and understand her situation better, not to mention find closure. I was able to make several life changing decisions with the information accessed from a higher perspective, accessed for my highest good and well-being. In life's most trying times, we want answers and often times we can get them.

To book a clairvoyant reading either email me at or book here